The Gold of God: Belief in the Creation of Persistence

As human beings, you must constantly remind yourselves how to overcome the illusion of poverty (Devil), which is only a thought, a belief system opposite of courage, faith, and reassurance in the future. Each and every one of you have inherited the golden keys to unlocking the construct of nothingness. If you want to become a major success, however you define it, you must be ready to battle through anything and everything, which means taking a loss here and there to remain on your dream path. If you let one defeat steer you off course from the right path, the straight path, then are you really worthy of that potential reality in the first place? Your interpretation of success is a rough road for your soul that forms it into real-time, reality-creating machine, a biological computer, that smashes through breaking point after breaking point (1 breakthrough action creates 3 opportunities).

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