Google Maps Marketing

Have you thought about using Google Maps to promote your business? Several of the features available on other sites are actually a part of Google. And now that it’s a part of Google, you should take advantage of the opportunities available to you.

It doesn’t matter if Google already mapped you, you still want to place your business flag and make sure your contact information is correct. Taking the time to create a new marker for your business or claiming its existing one is fairly easy if you’ve done it before.

I will use this post as an introduction to customizing your Place Pages marker to help customers find exactly where you are. You should be familiar with managing your own place on Google Maps, but for the technical details you should check out Google’s user guide.

Plant your flag

The first thing you should do is to see if you’re already listed. Go to Google Maps and look for your business. If you see any returns, click on the listing either on the map or in the left hand panel. After you see the window appear, look for an option to edit the details (might be under another link). Click on it.

If your business hasn’t been claimed, anyone can write something about you. See it as something like Wikipedia. Now that you’re starting to create your business on Google Maps, select the claim link. You will now have three choices, change your business details, delete your listing, or let Google know this is the wrong listing. Selecting suspend will delete your listing from Google Maps. If you choose this isn’t my listing, you will begin the process of starting with a new listing. Edit will change minor details in your current listing.

If your business doesn’t even show up on Google Maps, head towards Google Places and add your business. You can list only 100 businesses on your account.

In any case, Google verifies that you are the business changing its details. They will send you a PIN number in the mail or over the phone.

Detailing your business

This is what it’s all about—and it’s so simple. You probably want to begin with the usual (business name, address, number, URL, etc.). Then you have the option of uploading images or videos from YouTube.

It’s important to pick the right categories to classify your business, since it’ll help customers find you with specific keyword search queries. You can customize your own tags if you want to. You can even include your shipping radius if you have that option.

Market Coupons

You can offer special coupons to Google users as a way to make them visit your store. You can create any type of coupon, and Google even gives you the tools to share it.

To create a coupon, log in to Google Places and select the coupon link. The process is easy to follow for the most part. All you have to do is save your finished coupon and it show up on Google Maps. Potential customers can print it and use it when they walk through your doors.

You can also stand out from the majority on Google by advertising. You can use AdWords or a new feature involving tags. The second option makes you more unique on the map by marking your business with a yellow color.

Users who browse Google Maps will see the yellow tag and find your coupons, images or other unique content you want to showcase. Google Tags only costs $25 per month—the first month is free.

If you’ve already mapped your business on Google Maps, feel free to post your own tips.