Bad Business Owner, What Are You Thinking?

If you’re having a hard time making deals and closing sales, it’s customary to blame it all on the big bad economy. But every now and then, the fault rests in your thinking. The best entrepreneurs in this economy have discovered some of the mental tricks that cost them much more than money. Forget about the following ideas and you’ll come out ahead of the pack.

That’s too hard. I’m not that smart.

By not staying up to date in the world of all things tech puts you and your business at great risk of failure. Make time to know every aspect of the latest mobile technologies, such as the HTC Evo 4G, that could save you much needed time. Talk to your social network to see who can steer you in the right direction. It’s critical to know what technologies your customers are using. If, let’s assume, they’re all iPad junkies, maybe you should use an app to grab their attention. If not, you’re going to be missing on the next coming tech wave.

Business is all about the dolla, dolla, bill ya’ll

Close, but not close enough. Business is all about the people you’re helping. Leave the money mindset behind if you want to build a lasting company. Instead, think on creating a relaxing workplace where your teams can think and push the business past everybody’s expectations.

If I stick to what I love, the cash will come

Yeah it’s pretty important to work on something that uses your passion as its fuel source. But, a lot of business owners don’t expect to spend every waking second chiseling away at their masterpiece. To truly grow your company, you’ve to manage the work that you don’t have a love for. A tip is to spend the least amount of time on it, so you have more time working on things you absolutely love. If selling makes you feel anxious, see if you can work on something else that’s more pleasing to you, such as selling on the company’s website. Or, if it’s something you eventually have to do, pay someone else who’s better than you to do it.

I’m going to pay myself first

Wrong! Your best people won’t hang around if you don’t give them room to blossom and make them feel secure in their position. In hard times, you should pay yourself last. Pay yourself only enough to live off of. It doesn’t mean you should eat rice and beans forever. It means when good times roll around again, feel free to take the biggest piece of the Apple pie.

Who cares if I finish this late?

It might not seem like it’s a big issue to miss your deadline by a week or two, but if you’re an independent contractor or a freelance writer, undershooting your deadlines by that much will make you seem unreliable. That’s only one of the things that ends up happening. If you put off this week’s project well into the next two weeks, you’ll bring home less bacon for the kiddies. If you keep this bad habit up, you’re yearly sales will hit a slump for the worst. Are you always asking for time? Look in the mirror and see how you’re using you’re time and you’re company’s time, so you can handle the problem right away. If, let’s assume, you have a boatload of work to go through, bring in temporary help to finish everything ahead time.

Why is it this hard?

Have you read about the hurdles that famous entrepreneurs fought through just to have a chance at building their empires? But when you’re working for yourself and working alongside, let’s assume, cash flow or constant rejection, it’s fairly easy to forget about you’re not the first person to experience it. Keep a couple of your favorite blog posts bookmarked when you start to feel the pressure of everything. It’ll reinvigorate your passion above and beyond what’s possible.

It’s all about the hours I want to work

Even though that’s kind of true, it’s not entirely about it. You’re not going to seal the deals if you’re customers are sleeping when you’re clacking away at the keyboard. If you love to work unconventional work hours, see if there’s a way to work at least half your normal business hours, whether by HTC Evo 4G or through a personal assistant.