Business & Innovation | Think, Plan, Act

In this post, I’ll talk about some of the things I do when I have time to myself to focus, dream and draft up new strategies for the future. I would have to say this is something that would greatly benefit entrepreneurs in general, and that you have to, nay, must spend some time each week in focus mode.

The idea of spending quiet time to dream up plans and strategies isn’t something only the sacred few know about. Google even raves about it to its own people so that they set about a quarter of their time working on something that intrigues them, whether it’s thinking about new ways to streamline current models or optimizing the little things that make the big things go a lot smoother.

The underlying theme behind Google’s push is to have their people shift into a creative mindset. It’s just the thing that sets them apart from the rest. By reserving time to focus on your interest(s) and making it a part of your daily life, you’re telling everyone else to follow along in their own way with such intensity and vigor.

But the thing that won’t work for a lot of people is the amount of time spent deep in thought. Are you the kind of person that can think for hours as if you’re dreaming a detailed movie playing out in your mind?  Probably a small percentage of people can, but for others, they get the same results working with a team, throwing around ideas and seeing how it plays out within the group.

I know that most people won’t feel my approach. So if you love to work with a team or if you like to take control of the cockpit (yeah, ladies), here are some thoughtful tips to help you organize you’re interest(s):

Mix it up

For me, I love spending time flying deep in thought, so I prefer to work in my war room to dream up the future. You should run into these moments with a clear and open mind of helping your fellow man and you’ll be amazed at who or what shows up.

Go against your instincts

By doing something totally opposite of what you were conditioned to believe and do will bring out something world changing. If you work most of the day in an office, use the time out of it to play with that creative part of your brain. If you’re already working meeting after meeting, phone call after phone call, business, business, business, spending some time by yourself to bring about those waves of deep thought will work in your favor.

Have fun with your routine(s)

Doing the same thing over and over again kills passion, so if you find yourself in such a situation, break out of it ASAP. Say yes to that invite a friend gave you, meet new people, and use that time to test out some of the ideas you’ve thought about in focus mode. Volunteer at a local charity that you feel close to. Even biking to work can ignite a firestorm of ideas. Just do something different, always.

Include the body

Some of the best ideas you’ll ever dream up will be the result of some sort of physical activity. Moving around will boost the blood flow to the mind and even minimizes stress levels – both giving you enough power to broadcast your thoughts beyond boundaries you never knew was even possible. All it takes is a walk around your neighborhood, daily stretches, a light jog, anything that makes physical activity a part of your life.

Take it easy

Working on the same project for hours on end is great for concentrating, but it can also bring down your spirit. Enlighten it by focusing on other things away from work. If you start to feel down about something, even calling up one of your buddies to tag along while you run some errands should be enough to snap you out of that moment.