Free Business Advice for the Small Business Owner

I’ve always wondered about the secret of success, and how only a few seem to actually make it in this life. If you’ve spent some time with me for a couple of weeks, you’ll see that most of the people I talk to are way older than me. When you get to know an age group like that, you gain priceless knowledge that saves you time, money, energy, drama, etc., and they are more than willing to share their history with you.

Here is a simple list of what I’ve learned from others that have made at least something out of their lives.

Fly under someone else’s wing

Making bundles of cash isn’t a simple thing that anyone can do, so you should fly under someone else’s wing to learn a thing or two that made them such a success. It doesn’t matter if you’re barely scraping by with your own business, you’ll still learn valuable life lessons that’ll change the way you take care of the important things.

Nothing is a guarantee

Even if your best friend dishes out sound investment tips, it’s never a for sure thing. If that were true, they wouldn’t even tell you about it in the first place, and they’d keep that priceless knowledge to themselves. The only time they want to tell you about the latest investment advice is to leverage their own risk.

Flying below the radar is OK

Receiving international press and generating that much chatter is great and all, but it can also get sticky if you have a PR scandal on your hands. It’ll even increase the amount of competition you already have by tenfold. Sometimes it’s way better to fly under the radar and reap your rewards until the well dries up.

You don’t have to build a business

If you discover a great business that you can buy out, update its model, and resell it for a healthy return, then by all means go ahead and do it. Nine times out of ten, it’s safer to buy an established business than to build one from the ground up.

Would you recognize GOD if it spoke to you?

It doesn’t matter if a business pro or some bum off the street pitches to you, always listen to what they have to say and keep on doing that forever and ever. Never judge anyone by his or her looks because you never know who might be talking to you…

Even if you have bundles of cash, it’s still wise to be as humble as possible

You don’t have to spend glamorously to start a business. It’s way better to be as thrifty as possible 24/7/365, such as sharing office space and splitting up the utilities.

Discovering the secrets of the universe is easier than finding investment money

Most investors today don’t have the time to know about every single opportunity out there that’s thrown their way. But if you can show them how they can help your business, and if you paint them a detailed picture, it’ll increase your odds of them coming on board for at least a trial run.

If you want to stay motivated, treat yourself

The point is to give yourself a taste of luxury since it’ll warp drive you to make a lot more money. If your thing is to keep socking away dollar after dollar for months on end, you’re not going to help your purpose in the long run if you don’t delight yourself in the finer things in life. At least buy yourself one luxury item each month that you’re going to use every single day.