Expanding Human Consciousness | Expanding Your Business

It’s only going to become real when a customer or the team you work with finally understands that you’re creating something for the better, an idea far outside what is known and perceived. When you focus your consciousness on something from “out there” so that you bring back quality and value that’s beyond human thought, you’re not only doing what you were born to do, but you’re also reminding humanity what they have forgotten.

The point of life is to give life a better purpose for you and people at large. Create positive experiences that leave a mark on the subconscious, a mark that inspires people to learn about your vision, your mission, and your philosophy. By doing this, those moments will forever flow through their minds so that they’re more willing to share that thought-provoking memory with their family and friends.

For human beings, showing them how you create reality for the better lets them know that you honestly live to care, live to help, and live to dream.  If you want to include this into your own way of things, you need to make it a part of every process so that it’s a thirteen-hit combo of lasting memories for each person who walks through your invisible door(s).

All day, every day, billions of transactions are processed. People buy fuel, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, groceries, movies, etc. How many times out of each of these moments are memorable? Not many, I bet. It’s just one more sigh of going through the motions like the same one before it.

Usually, the only time someone actually remembers a routine is when it’s one that stands out from the rest — the cashier who made you honestly laugh, a random person holding open a door for you, a flash mob dancing about as you walk through a shopping center. These moments in life are special because that feeling of invigoration people have will grow your business. It’s a moment that polishes the soul to shine just a bit brighter since people hardly, if ever, experience such a feeling, and then they’ll share that profoundness with their social network.

Generally, when someone is treated with mutual respect and without judgment, they’ll share that feeling with another. Remember that it works both ways, good and bad. Remember, the people who buy from you will become living, breathing ad campaigns at their own expense. How great is that?

Any business has to find their own unique way of adding these moments as a part of their entire operation. How you go about it is up to you and your specialty. Think it through with your team, your customers, your family, your friends. Use the ideas from others that moved you personally so that you keep on passing it on. Have the courage to be more creative, more out there, and more thought provoking because that’s what it takes.