How to be a Go-Giver | Give More, Get More

The point of business is to help, help, help. Sure, they’ll be times when helping is actually hurting the livelihood of your business, but the buying habits of people have a here and there flow to it. By helping as much as you can, no matter what (yeah, Larry David), it’’ll get easier in the long run if you keep at it. With that said, here are some tips and tricks you can use that’ll help calm the storm for now.


We all love a sweet deal. It’s pretty obvious to offer something free or extra to either motivate people to buy or tack on a few more upgrades. BOGO (buy one, get one) free deals, no shipping charges after X dollars, deals of the day, and freebies will make people whip out their purses and wallets like the best of the rootin’ tootin’ gunslingers out there. Always showcase your deals as a banner on your site, Google+ page, Tweeter message, so people know that you’re always offering amazing specials.

Bring in the celebs

Having a celeb speak volumes about your product or service is a huge plus. Just look at the small businesses whose products have been used by movie stars. L.A. Rag Mag and the rest of the gossip sites are some of the best marketing opportunities available, since they track all the names like a cocaine-addled, ex-DEA bloodhound with a checkered past.

Everybody who wants to be a somebody must have what the best have. If a pop star is using/wearing your goods, you’ve got it made.

So how does one go about getting in touch with a celeb? Get in touch with their publicist, management company, assistant, etc., pitch your idea, ask for their office address, send said gear, and pray and hope they wear/use it. Hey, it’s worth a shot, right? Even famous people love free stuff that makes their lives easier.

Make the best use of video

By using highly informative videos on your site, it’ll definitely make you stand out from the rest and raises an eyebrow from all the movers and shakers out there. Video shows another side of communication that taps into a different part of the brain, and it makes your product or service more real.

Always show people how your product can be used to better their lives. Upload your video to YouTube as a quick and easy way of marketing on the cheap. Add your video links on your Google+ and Tweeter accounts. If you’re generating buzz for an up-and-coming product, highlight that particular video on your main page so your visitors have something to chew on the next time they visit.

Testify the testimonials

Let’s be real, we all know that people are cold when it comes to buying something from a name they’ve never heard about before. They need to be comforted and warmed up before they’re willing to give you a chance.

The people you serve are priceless assets for your business, any business really. Highlight the best testimonials on your main pages and make they’re positioned right where people look. What? You haven’t added testimonials to your site yet? Send a kind email blast asking your past customers to rave about their experience in exchange for X% off their next purchase.

Make holidays work for you

Keep in the mind that the holidays are some of the best times to market your business. National holidays, new seasons, summer breaks, etc., are all great times when people dish out some Super Mario Bros. coins for your business. Think about special deals, free shipping, and free upgrades to build more buzz around those times.

Know your customer

If you don’t know who your customers are, then how did you make it this far? You have to know more about them than they know themselves. Where do they go after work? What do they read on the Internet? What online communities are they active in? How much do they make a year?

After you’ve done some legwork on your part, lay out a plan to become a highly-valued member in those communities. Share your insight with people, buy ad banners, and exchange social media links with the website owners in these places.