Employee Development & Training

If you want your people to add their own ideas that’ll better the overall flow of your business then you have to give them a certain percentage in ownership as well as rewarding them to the amount of energy they burn for the company. The energy they give to your business doesn’t even have to be spot on, just don’t make them feel like they’re in hot water for doing what they thought was right. Have faith in their ability to perform the job at hand and help them with any questions or complaints. If you’ve farmed out a project to someone who doesn’t quite have the necessary skills, it’s your duty as a boss to help them get into the process of things. This attention to detail builds up their courage in growing beyond their expectations, and to share that moment with others—making it common and profitable.

The output of energy cannot be something just to hand in to say that you did your part. Make sure you place checkpoints along the way, and monitor what the entire team is doing as much as you can. This guarantees efficiency, and lets others know what they’re doing right and wrong. With knowledge, faith and a set path, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

It’s vital for you as an entrepreneur to give yourself a set date to improve you and your business to its maximum capacity and more. It’s even more real when it comes to your people.

You have to add to their growth as much as you add to your own. The foundation of any business is the team, the more knowledgeable they are, and the more they know the routine, the more their impact will be.

It takes sending your best to training seminars, so they can come back with that knowledge to show the rest what not to do. You’re also going to have to become a fluent reader of all the trade magazines out there. Take the time to schedule in monthly or at least semi-annual trade conferences. This’ll not only up your game, but your people are more likely stay onboard your pirate ship, which in any business is a strong indicator of a successful operation.

It’s odd how in slow times the amount of training is one of the first things to be cut from the budget. If you think about it, bettering your people during hard economic times is critical because it eases their concerns about being let go. Training your employees isn’t a thing that should be seen as a maybe—it’s one of the things that makes your business unique, and it’s what keeps you keepin’ on. It’s going to take some time before the training actually pays off, but just like success, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Monitor your radar for people who give you everything and much more than what you originally expected of them. Even if you show everyone respect and friendship, some will just have that gene that drives them past the rest combined. When you see how eccentric their work ethic is, and it’s going to really stand out, give them every chance to focus their energy on the business at hand and see how far they can push themselves. The more you’re willing to give them a chance, the more they’ll understand you and your business. And even if they failed hard at the task at hand, they’ll still remember that you at least gave them a shot.

The key is to get to know each of your team members, and know what inspires them to make their own dreams come true. A couple will feel for direct management. Others prefer a more free flowing process. It’s about gauging the enthusiasm for different people. You have to customize your approach to match their natural preferences, and know them as a true friend before you bring about the stars within them.