Self-Education: The Master Key to Invisible Doors

In first world countries, people have the right to be taught how to read, write, add, subtract, you get the idea. Then all of sudden after high school their tossed out into the real world, becoming professional sitters in a regular gig, living to fight for another day of survival, or to become entrepreneurs starting business after business that’ll most likely to fail time and again until they get it right. Everyone is just sent to the slaughterhouse without a solid foundation to make their dreams come true, and how to be in business for themselves.

What I’m trying to say is this, the education system that’s currently in place has failed humanity. It barely scratches the surface of what life is truly about. School today is only about out-of-date rules and regulations that need to be, no, must be updated to evolving times. It’s only giving people just enough information to scrape by, and teaching them that you only make it by doing what everyone else is doing. This is the opposite of what business and life is about.

People aren’t taught how to sell their skills, how to make a great return, how to make the best use of their finances, etc. You hardly, if ever, hear these things being raved about in schools around the world like 1 + 1. You can even spot eyebrow-raising situations in the best of schools that shy away from it. They only show the masses the easy stuff, believing that when they head first into the real world they’ll just get the hang of it on their own.

A proper education will help you land a 9-to-5 gig, but it doesn’t help you when it comes to world changing success.

If you dig a little bit deeper, you’ll start to see there’s a certain kind of education that’s directly related to how well off you’ll be in your life. Those who have finally made their life a success are well versed in the skill of moneymaking. This is an education that isn’t taught in your traditional school system or even prestigious universities. These people learned it by experiencing the life of others and recognizing what humanity needs.

This kind of education is something that’s even hard to get right in its own way. The thing about it is that there’s really no class for someone to sign up to for. It’s a life experience that’s earned after failure after failure, by having the courage to take risks, essentially learning after losing. It’s a tedious process that tests your limits and it can be a costly education in its own way, both on the purse/wallet and on the spirit. People who failed at starting their own business can testify for that. The best way, the smartest way really is to network with other people who finally got the business and life equation right so that they can pass on their time saving wisdom unto you.

On the other hand, being the one who is a receiver of such insight is close to nil. Those who truly know everything are a minority with only a limited amount of time to teach others how to get it right. Business owners out there will never have enough money to pay for such knowledge. And unfortunately, a perception of that level takes a lifetime to master. It takes years and years of deep insights from those who know to know.

To make matters worse than they already are, in this culture of gimee, gimmee, gimmee, most people lack the patience or understanding when it comes to investing in their real education as a solid approach to the future, especially when it takes at least a decade for it to shine through. “It’s just too hard,” they say. It’s more gratifying for them see their results in two week intervals, not years. It’s easy for a rock to tumble down a mountain, but it’s nearly impossible for it to tumble its way to the top. It’s easy to go to hell, but it’s so hard to get into heaven…