How To: Build A Sales Dream Team

As you know by now, selling is the foundation of any business out there. A business won’t last that long without sales, and if your operation leans quite heavily on a sales force that needs to go above and beyond the call of duty, it’s critical that you make sure you have the right folks in the right place to get the job done.

Here are some common traits that all successful sales folk have…

They want to learn
The ability to want to learn about something new is a very important attribute to possess because it shows that they’re more than willing to seek the answers to the questions and to understand it thoroughly. They’re patient people who take it a couple steps above the rest to know the customer, and will recommend the right solutions when all the pieces come together. Having a knack for self-education is key when it comes to breaking into the mold and establishing customer relationships.

They see it as fun
The best sales folk will burn calories of a Kenyan marathoner to close the sale. For them it’s a purpose, a life mission to do what needs to be done. Their perseverance is unheard of, and any obstacle that gets in their way is seen as a fun challenge.

They are confident
They’re not conceited or egotistical, which will make any prospect cringe if they are. It’s about having a belief system for the dream, for the company, and for the work at hand. It’s about having the guts to pick up the phone and pitch their soul out there to randoms. When your sales team is confident, it puts the person on the other end of the line in a relaxed state of mind so that the entire sales process is a smooth ride for all.

They exceed goals
This is one of the cornerstones of a successful sales guru because they demand themselves to exceed any goal they set out for themselves. The people who can stick to it and exceed it every time will make hard work seem like easy work, which it is to them. They know what must be done, what’s important, and they love the feeling of creating something for the greater.

They love to interact
Shy people are hardly, if ever, the leading sales people because it takes years of being socially graceful, of being aware. They know how to talk the walk and walk the talk so that they educate others on a higher level. They love to be around people and interacting with them. They’re open to new ideas and non-judgmental, which increase their chances of jumping through those windows of social opportunity.

Your ability to spot these traits in others will make or break your company. If you keep this post in mind as you go about the hiring shuffle, you’ll greatly up your odds of keeping someone on board your pirate ship for lifetimes to come.

The funny thing about it when it comes to sales gurus is that it matters more about their natural gusto, rather than how many degrees they have or how much experience they’ve gained. You can teach someone the basics of selling, but you can’t teach them what others were born with. Personality traits that make great sales people come from something unknown and it’s just what they were destined to do.

Always watch out for people who possess such traits, and you’ll find yourself hiring someone who sees work as a fun game for the soul. These employees are worth more than a million companies combined. They see so much more than what is perceived… and will bring that profoundness to you, your people, and your customers.