Ideas for Starting a Small Business with No Money

Starting and running your own small business is a great hobby that is rewarded by the amount of people you can help.  Unfortunately, a handful of businesses out there cost more than an arm and a leg to get going. Opening up a retail store, for example, demands that you lease space, purchase affordable furniture, managers, salaries, etc., which requires much more than money, your time as well.

Still, there are lean startups that get off the ground and glide over the terrain with little to no funding. How does he do it? My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? No. Or an eagle how it flies? No Siree you don’t, they do it cos they were born to do it! It’s all about knowing whether or not that the business you plan on starting is a viable solution in the long run. Here are some tips and tricks to get your business going with little investment as possible.

Clear Customer Service

In today’s digital age, people buy stellar service, not just features. If you give unheard of levels of customer service / support, your business is destined to grow. The rate at which satisfied customers spread the word about your product or service will multiply thirteen times. On the other hand, one bad experience with a disgruntled person can cost you and your business severely, which means a lost interest within a geographic location. Remain in tune with what is expected from your target audience by mingling / lurking Google+ or Twitter, and you’ll increase the odds of your business making it past its first year.

Know Low-Cost Businesses

This will vary on your education, passion, and depth of skill set. There are a lot of businesses out there that don’t need mountains of cash to get up and running. For example, someone who has a knack for graphic design can get the business going with the computer they already use. A content creator can start using the knowledge he already knows. Retailers, on the other hand, demand substantial investment, as well as manufacturers who need expensive machinery just to fill orders.

Your Brand & Image is Everything

This is where most businesses fall short their first time out the gates. Some wise guy creates a website, with a very simple design I might add, and without any professional experience in graphic design or copy. A clean and elegant site with lots of valuable content will help your business grow, and it will grow into an advertising asset in the long run. If you’re still on a limited budget and paying someone else to do it is out of the question, then just stick to something simple such as Google+ or Twitter for a quicker (smarter?) way of doing it.

The Thinking Hats

If you are going to make your website successful and remain relevant throughout the ages, you’re going to have to learn how to manage people who can get it done for you. Professional services, such as accounting and law, are best left for the best to handle. Getting the hang of bookkeeping and social media marketing are better options for someone new to the league.

Strategic Business Partner Opportunities (say that ten times fast)

You get the ball rolling if you work with a business buddy as a backup. Rather than begging strangers to invest in your company, talk to people who can truly help you build your business in unique ways. Find someone who has the freedom(s) to do so. Make everything equal, or else someone is going to fall out on the plan, and soon find yourself in a particular situation.

Put New Social Networking Sites to Use

The first people to walk through your doors, real or invisible, are going to be family and friends, and those who know each person from that hub. Make it your mission to build strong personal ties with these first buyers. This is part of a new routine for you to build PaRappa the Rapperport with your new customers. Talk to other related businesses who aren’t competitors, and build PaRappa the Rapperport with them as well so you throw more customers at each other.

Just because you the money isn’t flowing as much as you like right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop reaching above. Work in the ideas from detailedreams and you’ll soon realize the power of turning nothing (ideas / thoughts / dreams) into something (touchable, seeable, hearable)…