Use Google+ to Grow Your Small Business

How come small businesses prefer not to spend time working the social media angle like their big brand counterparts? Social media is a very important tool in this growing digital age for many reasons. No matter the lack of labor involved to keep a few social networking profiles up and running, at least take the time to put a static page on Google+ or Twitter. Even if you don’t have massive ad budgets like Sprint or Verizon, try to follow their lead as much as possible so you create a local, home-brewed version of the same tactics.

Have a look at the following to know what you, the owner, must keep in mind to drum up more business:

Why did you start a small business?

Most who decide to start a small business wanted to turn their dream of working for themselves, on their own terms or to gain an unheard amount of freedom, into reality. A few have even saved up their paychecks, quit their jobs when they had enough, and starting their own operation instead of doing the hire me resume shuffle.

Know how to bring in leads

Referrals are gold for any business, big or small, because they bring in the most money. Most of your referrals will come from your family and friends and from their family and friends.  The more you get your brand out there by using Google+ and Twitter, the more you remain in touch with the social network as a whole. Google+ could be used for only close family and friends. Twitter can be something broader, maybe distant relatives and friends of friends or potential clients / customers who were referred to your product or service.

Network to build up business relationships

Most business that you can personally drum up will be from social events, concerts, weekend get togethers, etc., etc. Not only do you have to work hard in the office (home or commercial), you also have to work just as much, if not more, outside in the real world. You may even meet someone who can greatly help you and your business generate more leads.

Seek as much business advice as possible

Talk to as many non-competing business owners who wouldn’t mind helping a fellow entrepreneur. Business owners of all types face the same trials and tribulations but in slightly different forms. Family and friends or employees do not have that same entrepreneurial insight that you need as a small-business owner. On the other hand, even if you mingle with other owners, try to get as much diversity as you can within that niche so you see from multiple perspectives.

Collaborate with a fellow entrepreneur

To save yourself some time talk to those who have past experiences with a potential business partner or past vendor that they’ve already built a relationship with. Most recommendations are found through personal connections, and this is why it’s so important to create a Google+ business profile. Talk to your people so they give you real answers to your real questions.

Starting a small business isn’t just about making money. It’s about turning a personal love, a hobby, a fascination into a working process to help both you and your customer in the end.