Branding, Promoting, & Marketing You

As a natural unprofessional professional, you never have to push your talents (past experiences, certificates, degrees, etc.)on to other people. If you choose to do so, people will naturally assume otherwise. Sure, you have to market your skills, and when it comes to that, let your past customers/clients handle that work for you. And when you are officially invited for a meet, you are already recognized as a known expert in your field, which is enough in its own right.

See yourself as a specialist, a consultant in your own unique point of view. Sure, you will teach even though you are not a teacher. In this information age, people want facts right now, not wrong later, so feel free to explain what you bring to the table and explain how you can show quantifiable proof.

Known experts in their field are known to get right to it, by giving quick, clean, and lean answers. The goal is to make sure you are understood, nothing more. Can you limit the words you say? Only speak jargon to those who know jargon, and talk to new customers / clients as a presenter in basic whatever your specialty is.

Sure, people will want to hear what you have to say, but your reputation as a known expert will grow when you encourage others to become a part of the thought process and give some of their own questions on why this or that does or doesn’t work that way.

Human beings have learned to share with each other, by working through problems and coming to a conclusion. The more you bring about this mentality, the greater of an answer the customer / client will receive, the greater the impression you leave, and the greater your reputation grows.

As an architect of people, you must know all the possible outcomes while letting others be a part of the direction of the movie, intervening only when asked to do so. This is why you must know your target audience, your business associates, and your clients / customers more than they know themselves.

It will take time for each person to “tune” it just right, to make a reality of recognition and recommendation for others to keep coming back to you for help. Use technology to your advantage by showcasing what you can do, by interacting with your community, and by living your brand. Create a business page on Google+, be known, and be active. The goal is to maintain a meeting point, to bring in more business, and to share a general interest in your local region. If you are not tech savvy, or knowledgeable in the various platforms, then just know what it can do for you and your business.

If you honestly care about growing your small business into an international brand, you need to be involved every day because social media is an evolved version of traditional word of mouth marketing, which has proven to work effectively for past businesses of all kinds. Offer tremendous value when people decide to visit your website, and when they are actually browsing, make them feel completely relaxed with an aesthetically pleasing design.